Siyabonga Africa recently participated in this year's Clover Mama Afrika Smarties Week, the theme of which was 'Turn over a new Leaf'. Our bakery workshop was very well attended, and a delighted Mama Mirriam Makamu of Tembisa won our prize of a snackwich machine.

Since 2007, Siyabonga Africa has trained 755 individuals through the Clover initiative, and facilitated no fewer than 119 training sessions, excluding the ten Smarties Week workshops.

"The bread baking project remains the most viable project within Clover Mama Afrika," said Prof Elain Vlok, Clover Manager: Corporate Trust Services & Clover Mama Afrika Trust. "It not only creates jobs and generates an income for the Clover Mama Afrikas, but also enables them to feed the members in their care with fresh bread and much more."

"We truly appreciate your participation and for being a valuable part of the Clover Mama Afrika family," she added.