Business Rescue Programme

Siyabonga Africa's response to the July 2021 looting, where many small business owners lost everythig they had and, without insurance or access to financial support, were unable to start up again ... until we stepped in.

Ngwana Pele

An opportunity for ten aspiring ECD owners to join Siyabonga Africa's 12-month initiative to train, equip and mentor ten unemployed women,empowering them with skills, knowledge, tools and support to run their own, income-generating, ECD (Day Mother) centres in their comunity.

Skills Training

Empowering people with skills they can use to gain employment or start their own businesses is the best long term and sustainable solution to breaking the cycle of poverty. Our courses include fashion design, computer literacy, baking, ECD training, vegetable gardening and welding.

Food Voucher Programme

Although intended as an intervention for people in crisis, this programme has developed into a way of awakening beneficiaries' eyes to opportunities of how they can escape the cycle of povery and hunger.