Which one of these promising young people will you sponsor?

Your kindness opens the door to opportunity and self sufficiency


Your gift of R2 750 sponsors a 10-day Computer Literacy course for one student, including a cooked meal each day. R1 375 co-sponsors a student. Any amount gets them one step nearer to realising their dreams.

Included in the course are skills like time management, goal setting and getting organised. Students have access to our IT centre to put together their CVs, open email accounts and search online for jobs. We also put promising students in touch with employees looking for staff.


Rose L

Age: 19

Since I matriculated in 2020 I've been struggling to get into a unversity. Most colleges that accepted me are too expensive for my parents to afford. I am the first of three girls and two of us are sitting at home this year due to financial difficulties.

Because of this, my parents decided it would be better for us to live with our grandmother in Kwa-Thema, and help her while we try to get jobs or learn new skills so we don't waste another year doing nothing.

I am applying for the Computer Literacy course because it seems interesting and with the diretion the world is going, with everything being online and digital, I thought it best to learn as much as I can. After completing the course, I'll apply for as many jobs as possible and as soon as I get a job I'll begin saving so I can pay for my own education going forward. Or I could fall in love with the work and qualify for IT jobs!

This is the first skills programme I've applied to and I plan to learn a lot from the people at Siyabonga Africa.

Sponsor Rose

Elias M

Age: 19

I am hoping to be accepted into your Computer Literacy course so I can learn new skills and improve my home situation.

We are a poor family of four. My father is the only breadwinner and we don't have a place to call home - the place where we are living is where my father works. He puts in a lot of effort to provide our daily bread and my mother, who is unemployed, tries her best. I haven't had decent clothes in years and my old clothes go to my sister. I want to help my family and get them a better place to live.

Although I finished school, nothing much changed afterwards. I am supposed to lighten the load at home but everything is still the same. I realise opportunities don't come knocking on your door, so I decided to go and find a door that I can open.

With the computeer skills I can get from you I can increase my options to find a decent job and be able to help my father put food on the table and buy my sister clothes. I don't want to be piied. I ask to be given a chance to gain knoledge. Please give me this opportunity.

Sponsor Elias

Thuli X

Age: 19

I grew up in a home where no one is working. We get help from family and community members. I see the Computer Literacy course as a good opportunity.

I finished my matric last year but I didn't get the chance to go to unversity. There are no short courses and it will take me years to finish. I want a short course because I cannot watch my mom struggling while I study. Completing the computer course will help me apply for a job as an administrator, receptionist or cashier.

I could even open my own business – an internet cafe – and help children who don't know how to use a computer.

Sponsor Thuli


Thulani K

Age: 19

For as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for computers. I want to specialise in IT. My high school teacher has been a huge inspiration to me and many others.

My parents came to South Africa as immigrants and have worked tirelessly in low paid jobs to provide for our family. If I am accepted for the programme, I would be the first member of my familiy to benefit from further education.

My goal is to use this opportunity to give back to the community. Servant leadership is the philosophy I indend to follow. I want society to benefit from my skills and Siyabonga Africa to gain prestige as an institution providing innovation for the greater good.

Sponsor thulani

Carol T

Age: 24

I am an extrovert female with a Matric certificate. I have a passion for cooking and baking. I am applying for the Baking Skills course because my goal is to become a professional baker.

I intend to open my own business and employ other people as it grows. I have already done some training that is not registered. I was trained by a friend who has experience in baking. At the moment I assist her in her business and she remunerates me on weekends when she is busy.

Sponsor Carol

Sarah T

Age: 32

I am an ambitious young woman from Kaw-thema, a small township with limited opportunities.

Unfortunately, I failed Grade 12 due to overwhelming life challenges. But I'm a hard worker, full of life, a fast learner and a good listener. I applied for the Computer Literacy course because I am interested in opening a facility in my township where the whole community can have easy access to the internet. This course is the perfect step. It will give me a strong foundation, and should my future plans of owning an interent ccafe not succeed, I will have a skill I can depend on for as long as I live.

There is a serious need in my community for an internet cafe and as my skills grow, I will add a coding school to teach young people how to make money online. I think this will be a huge mind-shifting opportunity and help young people see there is power in education and self employment.

After I've completed this course my life and my community will never be the same again. This 'adovcate of change' wiill make you proud!

Sponsor Sarah

*To protect the privacy of students, images above have been substituted with generic stock photograhps and surnames have been withheld.