Skills Training Programme

Useful, relevant training helps people enter the job market or run their own small businesses.

Dream big. Because, why not?

It's amazing how some people can grab the smallest opportunity with both hands, and use it to turn their lives around. Clayton Tjamela is one of these people.

An impoverished young man who grew up in KwaThema just outside Springs, Clayton completed our baking course in June 2021. Afterwards, he volunteered at a local pizza place ... working for nothing, in order to extend his knowledge and gain experience.

In return, the owner of the pizza shop allowed him to use the kitchen to bake vetkoek, biscuits and cakes early in the morning – from 4.45 am – before the shop opened. These he sold to earn a small income for himself.

Clayton wakes up very early in the morning, eager to start baking. His mantra is: "I can, I will, and I must". So impressed were we by his attitude and hard work, that we gave Clayton a brand new electric fryer, and additional training to help him set up his own business.

If you ever visit Kwatsaduza, look out for the Handyman Bakery, where you can buy Clayton's high-quality, freshly-baked items. "The best thing about my little business," he says, "is that it has made me believe in myself."

We too believe in people like Clayton. Those who are motivated, committed and eager to learn. People who WANT to work and are desperate for a way to earn their own living. We operate at grassroots level to identify individuals within disadvantaged communities with the qualities to become 'agents of change'.