What We Do

Siyabonga Africa's programmes are designed to lead people, step by step, from poverty and despair to becoming self sufficient contributing members of their community.

Because every situation and every person is different, our ultimate aim is to guide people towards finding their own best solutions to their situation, and supporting and encouraging them to make the necessary changes in their lives to achieve their goals.


5 steps to wellness, designed by Siyabonga Africa


Our most pressing need is to fund Food Vouchers for families that are going hungry right now. Each voucher is valued at R500, and our goal is to deliver 6 000 of them over the next few months. Will you reach out to your less fortunate neighbours and give them the precious gift of food? Click here to sponsor one or more vouchers, with a donation of R500, R1 000 or more.


Our aim is to provide poverty alleviation assistance to those in need. Each person who applies for help, is profiled to identify the best form of support. If the help required is beyond the scope of our services, the person will be referred to relevant NGOs, counsellors, social workers, churches and specialised services. Depending on individual circumstances, profiled recipients could receive:

Emergency relief, such as:

  • Food or food vouchers
  • Blankets and clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Additional basic items as available
  • Ablution facilities for the homeless

Access to information and referrals to:
  • Social services and shelters
  • Government and municipal services
  • Drug Rehabilitation services and support
  • Skills Training and Education providers and opportunities
  • Small Business Development information and services
  • Employment opportunities
  • Local news and other reading materials

Access to IT facilities and business services, such as:
  • Internet and Email
  • Facsimile machine
  • Photostat machine
  • CV assistance

If you need assistance, please complete the application form online and a friendly Siyabonga African will contact you shortly.


Empowering people with skills they can use to gain employment or start their own businesses is the most long term and sustainable solution to breaking the cycle of poverty.

We offer a range of courses designed to empower people with the knowledge and skills to begin earning an income, either in the formal sector or as budding entrepreneurs in their own communities.

Among the courses we offer are:

  • Life skills and job preparation training
  • Computer literacy
  • Fashion design
  • Bread & confectionary baking
  • Early Childhood Development training
  • Home vegetable gardening
  • Welding

Additional courses are developed and introduced as opportunities and needs arise.

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    Supporting entrepreneurship at grassroots level is the pinnacle of our work. Encouraging entrepreneurial activity within the townships enables community members to become players in the local economy. However, sadly, 80% of start up businesses in the townships fail within the first two years.

    Siyabonga Africa is committed to working with small and micro business owners (formal or informal in nature) to help them to sustain and grow their existing or newly formed entities. Since 2004, we have successfully implemented over 300 start-up businesses and created hundreds of jobs through this initiative.

    We offer start up assistance, business gap analysis, business coaching and one-on-one mentorship aimed at building capacity and financial stability through sound principals of business management, savings, record keeping, customer relations and possibly capital investment.

    We also help newly qualified trainees to find jobs by linking them to employment opportunities prividing preparation for, and transport to, interviews with prospective employers.