Send Santa someplace he's never been before

Imagine sending an unexpected gift ...

... into a humble one-room shack in VusiMuzi, where Patience and her three siblings live with their grandmother.

There is no Christmas tree here. No twinkling fairy lights or brightly wrapped gifts waiting to be opened on Christmas morning. No delicious aroma of roasting meat or baking cakes.

But if you will make a donation now, Patience and her family will get what they want most for Christmas ... enough food to ward off the ever present pangs of hunger.

Your gift of R500 or R250 will be be delivered straight to Gogo’s phone in the form of an SMS Food Voucher that she can spend on groceries at the nearby Shoprite. And if you make your donation now, we’ll make sure she gets your gift before 10 December, in good time for Christmas.

In return, you’ll have the pleasure of knowing that you’ve made someone’s day in a way you probably cannot even imagine.

It’s not just about the life-saving food you give ...

It’s also the unspoken message that comes with your gift: Someone cares about your struggles. A complete stranger wants to help. No wonder receiving your gift will bring tears to Gogo’s eyes and fill her heart with gratitude and hope.

And it will also fill your heart with joy. Because, food is the most basic human need. And sharing some of your own blessings with people who might otherwise go hungry lifts your mood and makes you feel good about yourself. Helping others really is the secret to a happy life!

So go ahead – give yourself the joy of helping others this Christmas, by using the form below to donate a Food Voucher to a desperate fellow South African today.

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