Get your Section 18A tax certificate – and claim your benefit from SARS – by making a donation to Siyabonga Africa now, before the the tax year ends on 28 February.

Apart from tax savings, a contribution to Siyabonga Africa also boosts your company's BBBEE scorecard in three crucial pillars: Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD), Socio-Economic Development (SED) and Skills Development.

With a possible 40 points involved, ESD has become the main focus of many companies looking for a competitive BBBEE score, and making a donation to Siyabonga Africa is a fast, easy way to maximise your score.

But that's not all.

You also have a real opportunity to change someone's life for the better, and contribute to the task of building a strong, productive South Africa.

Because your contribution could pay for someone like Daniel Mboniswa to attend one of our life-changing courses, and gain the skills they need to start their own successful businesses.

Daniel, an unemployed man who attended our course in Bread and Confectionary Baking, is now the proud owner of a thriving, registered bakery. He not only has a reliable income and renewed self esteem, he's also created jobs for his wife, two sons and a local woman – and he's now saving up for a commercial oven to expand his business even further.

This is how Siyabonga Africa is getting South Africa working – and how incredible it is to think that YOU could start another ‘Daniel’ on the road to self sufficiency.

Last year, we trained over 1 000 people in baking and food preparation, egg farming, vegetable gardening, computer literacy and life skills.

Your donation of R500, R1000, R5000 or any amount will enable us to train more people in the year ahead, and help turn the tide of unemployment that’s crippling our country.

All this plus tax savings and BBBEE points! Get more information on how your company could benefit or email Jennifer Reuben. Or use the form below to make your contribution now.

Daniel is now the owner of a successful, registered bakery.

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What We Do

Siyabonga Africa creates opportunities for unemployed, poverty stricken and destitute people to discover solutions to their situation, and provides seed funding to encourage entreprenuership.

Distribution Centre

Community Care

In kind donations of food, clothing, blankets, toiletries, second hand furniture and other items are distributed to needy members of the community, whilst our iDesk provides access to information and resources that can help them get back on their feet.

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temporary accommodation

Street to Feet

Over 4 500 homeless people live on the streets of Johannesburg, sheltering in doorways and under bridges. We aim to rehabilitate them, by providing transitional housing and basic neccesities while creating opportunities for them to make improved life decisions.

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Buyisa Ubuntu Food Bank

Managing one of the largest Food Banks in Gauteng, on behalf of the Department of Social Development, we distribute food parcels, clothing, cleaning supplies and emergency aid to those living in dire poverty, as well as those affected by fires, floods and illness.

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Skills Centre

Skills Centre

This programme aims to give underserved youth the opportunity to gain marketable skills. We not only train students in technical skills, but also life skills so they are better equipped to become agents of change for themselves and future generations.

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business creation

Small Business Development

By far the biggest socio-economic challenge in South Africa is the high rate of unemployment. We work with small and micro-business owners to help them to sustain and grow their businesses, by providing training and a vital link between them and funding partners.

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Job Creation

Income Generating Projects

Income generation models (e.g. egg farming, bakeries, vegetable gardens) are piloted at Siyabonga Africa and upscaled or replicated to create jobs. Most projects not only provide an income, but also address social or environmental issues such as food security.

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food parcels


street people





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Learn the secret to making delicious, fresh, bakery quality bread.

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Supporters' Calendar

Unique calendar and stickers popular with Siyabonga Africa supporters.

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Freed from life on the street

Our goal for 2017 is to re-integrate 600 street people.

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  • June

Relief for poorest

5000 food parcels delivered by our Foodbank, run in partnership with the Dept of Social Development.

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