In desperate need of food?

Here's how to get help

Please do not contact us directly to request food assistance

All applications for food parcels must be made through the Premier's Office. Siyabonga Africa is one of five Food Banks in Gauteng, currently working with the Premier's Office to ensure efficient delivery of essential food items to those most in need in our Province. By working together, we streamline operations and avoid duplication of effort and any confusion regarding food aid eligibility.


If you live in Gauteng

To apply for food parcels, please contact the Premier's hotline on 0800 428 8364 or

In order to receive a food parcel you must:

  • Have 100% unemployment in the family – or a total monthly income not exceeding R3 600 (including employment and grants);
  • Provide your name, number of people in the household, address and contact number;
  • Understand that there are literally thousands of people applying at this point and there may be delays in processing your application. If you do not receive any feedback, you are welcome to:

South Africa

If you live elsewhere in South Africa

Please contact your local Ward Councillor or municipality for food assistance and to find out what other relief services are available in your area.

More help

If you are employed, but your employer cannot pay you during this time, this is how to Apply for UIF or or Click here

If you currently receive a grant and you need more information about your grant, click here

If you are unemployed and want to apply for an unemployment grant, click here

If all else fails and you would like to speak to our social worker for assistance, please email We will do our best to steer you in the right direction.

How to help

Please support Siyabonga Africa, as we strive to provide emergency assistance to those in need during the Covid-19 crisis.

Food Vouchers


Hundreds of desperate, starving people turn to us every day with a humble request for food. Siyabonga Africa was among the first to issue Food Vouchers delivered by SMS straight into the hands of those in need! It's the fastest, safest and most efficient way of getting food to where it's needed most.

Please consider donating R500 for a family food voucher – to help keep hunger at bay for a month. Smaller vouchers of R250 and R100 are also greatly appreciated.

Make an immediate donation online      Find out more


Our bakery remained open all through lockdown, continuing to donate loaves to the poorest and most marignalised in our community.

We appreciate contributions of white and brown bread flour, cake flour, bread pre-mix and yeast to ensure we operate at full capacity.

Help keep the ovens on

Make a Donation

Click here for other ways to give)

What We Do

Siyabonga Africa creates opportunities for unemployed, poverty stricken and destitute people to discover solutions to their situation, and provides seed funding to encourage entreprenuership.

Buyisa Ubuntu Food Bank

Managing one of the largest Food Banks in Gauteng, on behalf of the Department of Social Development, we distribute food parcels, clothing, cleaning supplies and emergency aid to those living in dire poverty, as well as those affected by fires, floods and illness.

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business creation

Small Business Development

By far the biggest socio-economic challenge in South Africa is the high rate of unemployment. We work with small and micro-business owners to help them to sustain and grow their businesses, by providing training and a vital link between them and funding partners.

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Distribution Centre

Community Care

In kind donations of food, clothing, blankets, toiletries, second hand furniture and other items are distributed to needy members of the community, whilst our iDesk provides access to information and resources that can help them get back on their feet.

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temporary accommodation

Street to Feet

Over 4 500 homeless people live on the streets of Johannesburg, sheltering in doorways and under bridges. We aim to rehabilitate them, by providing transitional housing and basic neccesities while creating opportunities for them to make improved life decisions.

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Job Creation

Income Generating Projects

Income generation models (e.g. egg farming, bakeries, vegetable gardens) are piloted at Siyabonga Africa and upscaled or replicated to create jobs. Most projects not only provide an income, but also address social or environmental issues such as food security.

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Skills Centre

Skills Centre

This programme aims to give underserved youth the opportunity to gain marketable skills. We not only train students in technical skills, but also life skills so they are better equipped to become agents of change for themselves and future generations.

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food parcels


people given food,
clothing, toiletries & blankets





News & Events

  • 4
  • June

Siyabonga Africa receives SAPS Certificate

We were touched and extremely grateful to receive a special Certificate of Appreciation from the Springs SAPS today.

  • 3
  • June

18 000 households receive food parcels

During the Covid-19 lockdown, our Food Bank has distributed food parcels to over 18 000 households. We are currently able to reach an average of 800 homes per day.

  • 24
  • Apr

COVID-19: Update: Week 4

With support from many generous companies and individuals, Siyabonga Africa has been able to ease the plight of some 22 000 people worst affected by the National Lockdown.

  • 13
  • Jan

Thank you for making a difference in 2019

Last year, thanks to support from people like you, our Siyabonga Africa Team was able to train 1 146 jobless South Africans in baking, early childhood development, construction and more.

  • 24
  • Jul

Celebrating Mandela Week

We took our "Walk with Dignity" Campaign to the streets of Ekurhuleni to restore a sense of dignity to homeless people.

  • 11
  • Feb

New training courses added

Last year, we added two new courses to our skills training programme: First Aid for ECD workers and Fashion Design.

  • 11
  • Feb

Underprivileged feel Christmas cheer

With the help of generous donors and partners, we made sure that poor and homeless people were touched by the spirit of Christmas.

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