• Entrepreneurship and Small Business DevelopmentBakeries, Egg and Chicken Farms, Vegetable and Herb Gardens
  • Skills Training & DevelopmentComputer Literacy, Business Management, Farming, Baking
  • Social Support and Community CareCommunity Network Support, Personal Development and Professional Counselling
  • Food Security and Basic Needs SupportFood Bank, Feeding Programmes, Clothing and Temporary Housing
Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development1 Skills Training & Development2 Social Support3 Food Security & Basic Support4

Offering a Hand-Up & not just a Hand-Out, using a Hands-On Approach

Siyabonga Africa is a South African based Non Profit Organisation. We are a team of people who have chosen to effect positive change and to act against poverty for the people of our country.

Ultimately, we want to see people out of poverty and in order to achieve this, we have established various programmes over the past 30 years that address poverty on different levels; In this way we are able to reach a diversity of people in need; from the most vulnerable to those who have the potential but lack the opportunity to become self supported.

Our View is that poor and vulnerable people are not objects of our charity, but partners in our endeavour to see people free from poverty. Therefore, we guide people to understand that they are their own best answer to a better life. We choose to work with those who want to be agents of change for themselves, their families and future generations.

We all hold the power to contribute positively, in some way or another, to societies in which we live. It is a choice to put that power to good use and to become part of the solution.

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